Decorative Veneer, Plywood, Furniture. Joinery, Cabinet Work, Interior Finish, Panelling, Moulding, Flooring, Artifacts Light Construction, Shop Fitting, Turnery Cladding, Lining, Carving

Physical Properties:

Air Dried Density 540kg/m3 @12% m.c.
Colour Heartwood grey-brown, with streaks of darker brown
Texture Moderately coarse but even
Grain Often interlocked
Durability Heartwood has moderate durability, but should be reserved for indoor use.
Permeability Heartwood resistant to impregnation with preservative.
Lyctid Susceptibility Susceptible
Shrinkage Radial: 2% ; Tangential: 4.5%

Mechanical Properties:

Strength SD 6 Seasoned
Structural Grade F11select grade
Toughness (Izod) 10J Seasoned, 11J Unseasoned
Hardness (Janka) 3.7kN Seasoned, 3.3kN Unseasoned
Maximum. Crushing Strength 46MPa Seasoned, 30MPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Elasticity 11GPa Seasoned, 9.7GPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Rapture 81MPa Seasoned, 59MPa Unseasoned.

Working Properties:

Easy to saw Readily bored
Turns easily Easy to glue
Screws well Nails easily
Moulds Well

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