General Constructions, Panelling, Railing, Flooring, Veneer, Joinery, Furniture, Cabinet Work, Boat Building, Spars, Mouldings, Interior Finish, Turnery, Dowels, Door & Window Frames, Billiard Tables, Tool Handles

Physical Properties:

Air Dried Density 680 kg/m3 @12% m.c.
Colour Heartwood varies form pink red to reddish brown
Texture Moderately fine to moderately coarse
Grain Straight sometime interlocked
Durability Moderately durable in contact with ground
Permeability Heartwood is very resistant to preservative treatment.
Lyctid Susceptibility Susceptible
Shrinkage Radial: 3.1-4.0% ; Tangential: 5.1-6.5%

Mechanical Properties:

Strength SD 4 Seasoned
Structural Grade F22 select grade
Toughness (Izod) 14J Seasoned, & Unseasoned
Hardness (Janka) 6.5kN Seasoned, 4.2kN Unseasoned
Maximum. Crushing Strength 58MPa Seasoned, 31MPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Elasticity 14GPa Seasoned, 11GPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Rapture 106MPa Seasoned, 67MPa Unseasoned.

Working Properties:

Saws readily Readily bored
Turns easily Glues well
Screws well Nails Easily.
Moulds Well

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