Over and above our sustainable forestry practices, CBSFL have committed to invest in a range of infrastructure development deliverables within the FMA over a 20 year period. The funding of these infrastructure projects is kindly contributed by PNG Sustainable Development Project Ltd as part of their efforts to support the development of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Where possible we employ locals from within the FMA-, and co-operate with local suppliers in a bid to reinforce the local economic cycle. The total concession is home to approximately 6,000 inhabitants with six official language groups.

We are proud of the progress we have made to date, but we know there is still more work ahead of us.

Health Care:
We built our first clinic in Bonoabo village during the mobilization phase in 2006, and upgraded it again in 2007. This clinic was de-commissioned in 2011 when we opened our second clinic in Bam at our new Saw Mill. The well equipped Bam Health Care Centre is headed by Sister Miriam Joseph, a registered pediatric nursing sister. The Clinic provides health care to company employees and the surrounding community and during the last three years we have treated 8,000 patients per year from the surrounding community. Over and above her daily running of the health clinic, Sister Miriam also carries out First Aid training to the employees and visits neighboring villages for medical consultations. A new clinic with a 6 bed ward will be completed in Bam during 2012.

Our education initiatives focus on supporting education in the remote villages within the FMA region, where the literacy levels are very low due to a lack of schools in the area. We have supplied and erected classrooms, libraries and teacher housing, along with water tanks and solar lighting, at Abau Island, Gohodae and Bonoabo villages to supplement their existing school buildings. In addition Elementary schools at Segiri, Si'ini and Gadoguina received deliveries of mosquito nets, colouring books, pencils, books and encyclopaedias.

We have contracted staff from the Dimbudo Nursery & Reforestation Group to assist in the rehabilitation of all areas harvested by Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry. The seed source is from cuttings from the natural forest area only to avoid introducing diseases and pests to the available stands. The nursery currently plants local species such as Kwila, Rosewood and Taun and has already planted over 10 000 seedlings in harvested areas

Infrastructure Development:
Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd will invest in a range of infrastructure development deliverables over a 20 year period. This infrastructure includes schools, teachers housing, dormitories, health centres, churches, sports facilities, a Police Station, jetties, roads, bridges and crossings.