We used a small sawmill located in a transit base camp established at Bonoabo which is on the Western edge of the Cloudy Bay Forest Management Area (FMA) for the first three years of our operation. This mill can process an annual log volume of 15,000m into slabs which were sent by coastal barges to Port Moresby for further value adding (manufacturing) at our 9 Mile Wood Processing Centre.

A new sawmill was constructed and commissioned in July 2010 in Bam which is near the centre of the Cloudy Bay FMA to process an annual log volume of 60,000m into slabs for delivery to our 9 Mile Wood Processing Centre. Employment in the Cloudy Bay FMA is approximately 200 people. The majority (70%) of the mill staff are employed from within the Cloudy Bay FMA which is remote and has few alternative employment options. The non-local staff are housed in accommodation on site and have a periodic off-site break.

We also run a Health Care Centre on the site with qualified medical staff to provide health care to company employees and the surrounding community. Approximately 80% of all patients treated in our clinic are from the surrounding communities and 20% are employees. In addition the company runs an apprenticeship program providing skills in the trades of welding, mechanics, building, and saw milling.