Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry is a wood fibre development and processing company. Our purpose is to provide our customers with a sustainable supply of high quality products and be a leader in the responsible management of the environment under our control. This entails sustainable forestry management and ensuring the health and safety of our employees and we will assist in advancing the socio-economic welfare and development of the people within the areas in which we operate.

To achieve this we will:

Comply with all applicable legislation, implement and maintain a risk management system that is user friendly to our type of operation and work towards achieving full FSC Forest Management Certification in addition to our Controlled Wood and Chain of Custody Certification achieved in October 2011.
Optimise the usage of fibre to meet our customer requirements, use resources such as water and land on a sustainable basis by practicing world class forestry.
Manage our social impact and encourage social and economic development in the areas in which we operate.
Consult and communicate with customers, suppliers, land owners and other interested and affected parties.
Monitor, review and continually improve our occupational health and safety, environmental and quality performance.
Take preventative action to reduce our health and safety risks, manage our environmental impacts, reduce waste and pollution and minimise non-conformance.
Encourage and expect our suppliers and contractors to comply with health and safety, environmental, and quality standards acceptable to Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd.
Ensure that all our employees and contractors, whose work can have a significant impact on health and safety, the environment and quality, receive appropriate training and are aware of their individual obligations.