Interior Finish, Pattern Making, Turnery, Veneer, Fruit Cases, Tea Chests, Match Splints, Shuttering, Lining, Utility Furniture, Cabinet Work, Core Stock, Panelling, Shelving, Skirting, Joinery, Window Boards, Dowels, Moulding

Physical Properties:

Air Dried Density 385kg/m3 @12% m.c.
Colour Heartwood cream to pale yellow
Texture Medium to coarse
Grain Straight, latex canals are common
Durability Not sufficiently durable for external use
Permeability Readily impregnated with preservative
Lyctid Susceptibility Susceptible
Shrinkage Radial: 2.5% ; Tangential: 4%

Mechanical Properties:

Strength SD 8 Seasoned
Structural Grade F7 select grade
Toughness (Izod) 4.2J Seasoned, 7.5Unseasoned
Hardness (Janka) 1.7kN Seasoned, 1.9kN Unseasoned
Maximum. Crushing Strength 29MPa Seasoned, 20MPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Elasticity 9.1GPa Seasoned, 7.8GPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Rapture 60MPa Seasoned, 36MPa Unseasoned.

Working Properties:

Saws readily Easily bored
Easily turned Glues well
Screws well Nails easily
Moulds Well

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