Heavy Construction, Flooring, Sill, Boat Building, Bridge & Wharf - Superstructure, Decking, Steps, Truck Bodies, Cross Arms Carving, Turnery, Posts, Poles, Furniture, Joinery, Bench & Counter Tops, Switchboards, Cabinet Work, Interior Fittings, Decorative Veneer, Panelling, Artifacts, Sleepers

Physical Properties:

Air Dried Density 830Kg/m3 @12% m.c.
Colour Brown, dark brown or golden brown
Texture Moderately coarse but even
Grain Sometimes slightly interlocked
Durability Highly durable
Permeability Heartwood is very resistant to preservative treatment
Lyctid Susceptibility Susceptible
Shrinkage Radial: 1.5% ; Tangential: 2.5%

Mechanical Properties:

Strength SD 3 Seasoned
Structural Grade F22 select grade
Toughness (Izod) 14J Seasoned, 18J Unseasoned
Hardness (Janka) 8.6kN Seasoned, 7.6kN Unseasoned
Maximum. Crushing Strength 81MPa Seasoned, 55MPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Elasticity 18GPa Seasoned, 12GPa Unseasoned.
Modules of Rapture 147MPa Seasoned, 103MPa Unseasoned.

Working Properties:

Saws well though saw blade gums up while sawing. Additional power required.
Turns well Glues reasonably well, except with casein
Screws well Must be pre-bored first.
Moulds Well

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