At Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd we understand the value of maintaining and protecting our Forest Management Area. We manage the Cloudy Bay FMA with the objective of producing the highest quality timber without compromising the future economic and environmental benefits of the forest. Harvesting operations take place on a 35 year cycle which has been determined as the sustainable rate of harvest from the forest. We are striving for international certification of our forestry operations.

We are committed to employing responsible practices through:

  • regenerating the forest and maintaining productive capacity,
  • protecting and maintaining long-term forest and soil productivity,
  • protecting water resources,
  • protecting high conservation value forest sites,
  • protecting sacred and cultural sites,
  • investing in a range of infrastructure development deliverables including: schools, teachers housing, dormitories, health centers, churches, sports facilities, police station, jetties, roads, bridges and crossings,
  • actively assisting in the socio-economic development of the land owners within the FMA concession.